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About Flipping Book Maker Software

Hello, my friends! The blog of our website opens to you to present you more information on our products. You can get more knowledge from here. We provide details of our products, upgrade of products and some other latest free products. Focusing your point here means you are help yourself to closer to Flipping Book Maker. If you have suggestions or ideas please contact us (replace # with @). Your honest and sincere attention is welcomed and appreciated.


How to convert your e-magazine to a flipping book?

In our electronic time, we have been accustomed to the Internet space. Paper books were replaced by e-books. We really have to recognize that e-books bring us an unprecedented reading experience. However, sometimes we would remind of those days that we flipped papers to read and enjoy. We sign the pity that we already cannot live without Internet while we still dwelt in the previous feeling...Read More


How to make flipping shopping catalog from PDF file?

Nowadays, almost all of us like to do shopping online. Why? obviously because shopping online is not only save money, save time but also very conveninent and easy. What's more, the online supermarkets provide great variety of goods, some of which cannot find in real markets. We can say that these online shops meet our ever-growing need for food...Read More


Make a flipping album by Album to Flipping Book?

From your baby time to now you must have taken many many photos. In the old days, we usually develop photos and put them into albums. With the album we can memorize many good times that have been gone. And it is the best way to cherish those times that had flown. But now with the development of IT, these old ways have been replaced by the new technology...Read More


What are the four output type of flipping book for?

If you have installed PDF to Flipping Book you must have a question about the flipping book when you are ready to convert pdf to flipping book. What is the output type of flipping book? What are the four Output Type for? Do they serve in different function? If I choose the type of *.html, what would happen? Is *.zip a kind of compressed file...Read More


How to make theme for your flipping book?

All of us like to make things in harmonious and balanced. Take the decoration of our house as an example. Usually rooms for child we would decorate with cartoon style, light color and lovely surrounding, while rooms for adult would be decorated with quiet conditions and darker color. At the same time...Read More


How to set watermark for your flipping book?

In our daily life, we have gradually developed a habit to protect ourselves from hurt, for our healthy, our possession, our reputation, even our rights. we have heard too many about copyright problems like infringement act so that we do need to take some measures to protect our copyright...Read More


How to insert YouTube video into your flipping book?

YouTube video is such a great website for us to watch varieties of videos, like entertainment, sports, film, animation, and so on. But the greatest function is that YouTube allows us to embed these videos to our blogs, MS Office documents, etc. Such easy way makes us convenient to insert YouTube video into other place. Actually...Read More


What is Image to Flipping Book?

Image to Flipping Book is a kind of software to convert images to book with page-flip effect. It is such a powerful software that allows you to decorate you images with different materials, such as frame, clip art, and rotate, crop images as you like. Especially, it is great to make albums for your different kinds of pictures...Read More


Page-flip book to achieve your creative ideas

Nowadays, different ideas are occurred to people to get themselves more popular or get more focus from others. That’s not a bad thing if these ideas are positive and proper. Like a company would spare no effort to promote itself in order to draw more attention and start business relationship with other company, a person also would like to...Read More


Ten distinctive templates in page flip book

When writing this article, my mind is full of pleasure and happiness. Because I’m going to write something about the templates of page flip book which is one of my favorite parts of flip book. There are ten templates containing in page flip book. Four of these, I believe, have been very familiar to you. That is Classical, Float, Neat, Spread. Recently, we just have pushed out...Read More

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