Transform MS PDF, Word and PPT or Image to attractive page flipping digital books!

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Flipping Book Maker Series


PDF to Flipping Book Mac

PDF to Flipping Book Mac is a Windows desktop application that helps you to produce remarkable online and offline flipping books. Simply import your PDF, configure the Settings and hit the publish button. No tie to other servers or per-page costs.

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PDF to PageFlip 3D Creator Software - PDF to Flipping Book 3D

PDF to Flipping Book Pro

PDF to Flipping Book Pro is a professional type of flipping book software to convert PDF files to page-turning digital publications. It allows you to embed videos, images, audio, hyperlinks, hotspots and more multimedia objects to turning pages.

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PDF to Flipping Book Pro Mac

PDF to Flipping Book Pro Mac is Mac flip book software with multiple functions. Flipping books made from PDF to Flipping Book Pro Mac has a realistic page turning effect that page flip with dragging the page corner.

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Shopping Catalog to Flipping Book

With Shopping Catalog to Flipping Book, you can edit the flash flipping pages with multimedia and other functional buttons, which can help you to turn the PDF catalogs into interactive sales tools.

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Office to Flipping Book

Office to Flipping Book is digital flip book software that produces flipping books from Office format that can be distributed online, offline, on mobiles or Mac, iPhone, iPad.

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PageFlip 3D for Photographer

Office to Flipping Book Pro

Office to Flipping Book Pro is an online flipping book maker that transforms your Office documents and can be viewed by flipping the pages. Videos, image, audios, hyperlinks and more multimedia objects can be embedded in the online flipping book.

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Album to Flipping Book

Album to Flipping Book is not only a simple converter to flipbook digital, but also software with convenient and easy-handling operations. And Album to Flipping Book has the customized design settings to the flipbook digital.

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CHM to Flipping Book

CHM to Flipping Book is flash flip book creator that produces flipping books from CHM format that can be distributed on-line, offline, on mobiles or Mac, iPhone, iPad.

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DjVu to Flipping Book

DjVu to Flipping Book produces flash flipping book with stunning background and customized toolbar. With the help of DjVu to Flipping Book converter, you can quickly embed your documents in a website or blog.

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DOC to Flipping Book Mac

DOC to Flipping Book Mac allows easily add Flipping Book on your website or create CD/DVD disk with stunning presentation. DOC to Flipping Book Mac software is easy to use flash book maker.

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Ebook to Flipping Book

Ebook to Flipping Book offers you functions as design cover, edit page content, images and hyperlinks insertion and draw paintings of the page flip book you made.

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ePub to Flipping Book

ePub to Flipping Book is particular softwrare to ePub files easy and quick to be converted into 3d book flip. With such convenient software, every ePub file turns to be an amazing Ebook to Flipping Book.

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Flipping Book Printer

Flipping Book Printer is great specific printer to flipping books that can be adopted any kind of printable files: DOC/DOCX, PPT/PPTX, XLS/XLSX, PDF, PUB, DWG, HTML/MHTML, TEXT and so on.

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Flipping Book Writer

Flipping Book Writer integrates your RTF files, images, and even text extracted from webpages, PDFs etc. And the most obvious advantage is the insertion of build in WYSIWYG word processor.

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Image to Flipping Book

Image to Flipping Book can help you batch make Image to flip books, and brings you more readers cause they will be attracted by the realistic page flipping effect.

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Free tools to Build page flipping book

free textbook to Flash PageFlip 3D converter - txt2PageFlip 3D Standard

Free PDF to Flipping Flash- freeware

Give your PDF documents a different look to show and present!

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Free Flipping Book Maker- freeware

Text book to Flipping book with different settings!

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Free OpenOffice to Flipping Book- freeware

Convert OpenOffice to Flipping Book book all free!

Free Download