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About PDF to Flipping Book

1. "Class Not Registered Error" while using Flipping Book Maker programs?

2. How to share the flipping book?

3. Can I switch the flipping book in different languages?

4. How to make my flipping book have my own logo on it?

5. Can I change the soft cover of flipping book to a hard one?

6. How to add a bookmark into the Flipping book?

7. How to convert two or more pdf files to flipping book?

8. Can I use other different flipping sounds?

9. How to insert sounds into the flipping book?

10. Can I retain the flipping book to left or right?

11. Could I allow my readers to download the flipping book?

12. Can I set password for my flipping book?

13. How to change the title of my flipping book?

14. What is the function of help button in flipping book?

15. Can I turn off the flipping sound in flipping book?

16. Why I can only see ten pages in flipping book?

17. Why I can't share my flipping book via email?

18. How to change the icon color of my flipping book?

19. How to set the proportion of my flipping book?

20. Can I read flipping book with automatically flipping page?

21. Could I change the background position of flipping book?

22. Is it possible to disable print screen and the printing function all together with PDF to Flipping Book?

23. Why links are unable to use after converting to flipping book?

24. If I cannot complete creating flipping book this time

25. Is there a way to prompt me whether the software is updated?

26. Is it possible to burn flipping book to CD version?

27. Four ways to protect your page flipping book

28. Could I disable print function in flipping book?

29. Is it possible to set password for part pages of my flipping book?

About PDF to Flipping Book Mac

1. How can I make books play on iPad?

2. Can I use Mac version program to create books to send to PC users?

About PDF to Flipping Book Pro

1. How to remove needless page from flipping book?

2. How to add a link in flipping book?

3. How to use the Add Button in flip page editor?

4. How to apply one object to the whole flipping book?

5. How to set the play frequency of sound in flipping book?

6. How to share my flipbook online?

7. How to add watermark to my flipping book?

8. Where to set the page thickness of my flipping book?

9. Could I make flash as background of flipping book?

10. Why I cannot use the search button in flipping book?

11. How can I print part paragraph of text in flipping book?

12. Could I add text animation to my flip book?

13. Can I hide the thumbnail in my flipping book?

14. Why my flipping book cannot enable fullscreen?

15. Why the page background color of my flipping book is black?

16. How to show or hide mouse tracing effect in flipping book?

17. How to add a URL to logo of page flip book?

18. What is Upload Online in flipping book?

19. Where is my bookmark from PDF in flipping book?

About Shopping Catalog to Flipping Book

1. How to add price tag on the pages in Shopping Catalog to Flipping Book?

2. Is there any way to set button font in flipping book?

3. How can I change the background of my flipping catalog?

4. What is TEXT BUTTON in Shopping Catalog to Flipping Book?

5. Can I add my shop logo in Shopping Catalog to Flipping Book?

6. What is Pop Up Photos button in Shopping Catalog to Flipping Book?

7. How to set the zoom config of flipping book?

8. How to add movie to flipping book of shopping catalog?

9. How to make pictures in my flipping shopping catalog printed easily?

10. How can I zoom in pictures in my flip book?

11. Could the shop logo link to my shop website?

12. Whether I could set background with gradient color?

13. What's the way to insert YouTube video into flipping book?