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Office to Flipping Book

Stunning page flipping book from digital flip book software!

        • Realistic page turning ;
  • Able to download and print;
  • Text search functions;
  • flipping bookproduced and PC, Mobile Devices accepted.

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Office to Flipping Book is digital flip book software that produces flipping books from Office format that can be distributed on

online, offline, on mobiles or Mac, iPhone, iPad. And your flipping books with page flipping effect can be used as online catalog, 

advertising brochure, etc.


1. Realistic Page Turning:


page_turn_office_to_flipping_bookOffice to Flipping Book is digital flip book software that mainly used to make Office to flip book with realistic page turning effect. And readers can view your flipping book with sound on or auto flip. Moreover, the design of page shadows gives a real book feeling to readers, just like the moonlight or sunlight on your flipping book. Besides, readers can drag the page corner or click the shadow of the pages to turn books.



2. Able to Download & Print:


download_print_office_to_flipping_bookEnable download and write in the download URL then readers can download your flipping book made from the digital flip book software on their own computer to view.


Enable to print then the flipping book from Office to Flipping Book can be print on papers as the normal books and readers can preserve on their book shelf. In order to protect your flipping book you can put watermark on it that everyone print the book with watermark on every page.


3. Text Search Function:



As long as the Office you imported in is text based, the search capability can be quickly and exactly realized. When the readers write in keyword as your demand, the related pages can be quickly found with certain color keywords.




4. Batch Conversion:




Batch conversion let you import more than one Office files every time to Office to Flipping Book that saves you time and improve the efficiency. And you can output the Office files in one flipping book, or different flipping books. Also you can batch convert Office files to a Flash.




5. Google Analytics Function:



The wonderful Office to Flipping Book embeds the Google Analytics function, so if you have registered a member of Google Analytics, you can make use of it. You can input the code of Google Analytics to every flipping book you made, and then you can get the statistics from your Google Analytics account live. Google Analytics data improves your website business performance and ROI of advertising and marketing.


6. One-time Fee, Free Upgrading Forever:



In order to promote services for faithful customers, we would upgrade every product scheduled or non-scheduled, and you can upgrade your flipping book maker freely and timely. The Office to Flipping Book is a totally one-time fee product, so you can convert as much Office files to flip books as you wish and without paying any penny to us.

7. Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee for 30 Days:



The Flipping-Book-Maker is a sincere company which pursues searches on page flipping products for 4 years already and endeavors to provide the best services for every customer. From the day you pay for the Flipping-book products, you will get a guarantee for 30 days that you can apply for a full refund if you have any problem while we cannot solve or you have any dissatisfaction for the flipping book maker you have bought.


8. Custom Services:




Flipping-Book-Maker promises to provide customers the most intimate and constant Custom Services. Although every product of us is easy to handle, when you're puzzled with any operations or better suggestions, we will solve soon, because you support, and we progress.



1. Requirement to The Original Office:


The only requirement to your original documents below:

(1). Microsoft Word documents(docx;*.pptx;*.xlsx);

(2). Microsoft Publisher (*.pub);

(3). Microsoft Infopath (*.xml;*.xsn);

(4). Microsoft Visio ( *.vso);

(5). Microsoft Compiled HTML Help (*.chm);

(6). PDF for Adobe PDF;

(7). OpenOffice;

(8). TEXT document (*.txt);

(9). RTF document (*.rtf).

2. Batch Conversion:


Batch converting feature of the Office to Flipping Book saves you time and improve the efficiency.

(1). Importing:

a. Pick every Office file from different folders;

b. Add Office files in a folder amount.

(2). Office Setting:

a. Import all pages;

b. Import custom pages;

c. Import custom text or image as the watermark;

d. Pick quality and size to pages, high quality and large size ask for more spaces;

e. Import bookmark and links from original Office;

f. Enable search or not.

The Office settings in batch convert is similar with the Import of the single convert.

(3). Output Setting:

a. Select the output type;

b. Choose path;

c. Opt for options of captions;

d. Merge all Office files to one flipping book.

(4). Batch converts Office files to a Flash.

3. Customized Toolbar Operations:


The Office to Flipping Book provides you choices of the toolbar settings of the flipping bookyou made. Show toolbars to use the function after your flipping bookwas made, for example: Full Screen Button, Help Button, Search Button and Social Share Button. Enable bars like: the Print, Download, Sound and Zoom in button. Only if you show and enable the toolbar, readers can see the real benefit of amazing reading of digital flipping book, and the toolbar button can be customized.


4. Various Background Settings:


In Office to Flipping Book, you can insert background files of images and SWF, and choose the position; Pick background colors and adjust the Gradient Angle; Arrange page width and height of the flipping book you made from Office; And the title bar can be embedded the logo and logo URL, when you make your Office to Flipping Book book, this can be a fabulous way to publicize your company and your thoughts.


5. Availability of Social Network:


The Office to Flipping Book supports the social network. You can upload links to pages in Facebook and Twitter. Withal, you can send the links via the e-mail or embed your page flipping book masterpiece into others' sites.


6. Email Share:


Assure that you have shown the share button on the interface, type in the email subject and email body which can be a link of the page flipping book. Moreover, the HTML and Zip format flipping book can be easily email to others.


7. Various Insertions:



The logo and the download button both can be embedded a hyperlink in Office to Flipping Book software. And the hyperlink can be a web link to a web page that inserted your flipping book and may publicize thoughts of you.


Pictures in images or SWF format can be inserted as the watermark and background.

Sound can be embedded to the flipping book as the background music. Every insertion in Office to Flipping Book has their own use, you can benefit from these insertions.


8. Output Formats:


Office to Flipping Book offers you different formats because we are willing to help you get more readers. And we believe wonderful flipping book masterpiece should be known for all.


(1). HTML: Online and offline show your flipping book;

(2). ZIP: E-mail to friends to share an elegant flipping book of you;

(3). Mobile Version: iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices can view your flipping book only when you have the HTML and ZIP format flipping book had you give a check mark to make mobile version at the same time;

(4). EXE: PC can distribute your flipping book separately;

(5). APP: Mac accepts your flipping masterpiece naturally;

(6). The page flipping book can be burnt to CD/DVD.