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PowerPoint Presentation for Flipping Book

Welcome! Here is PowerPoint presentation Tutorial center. You can get more knowledge of Flipping Book makers. How to create a digital book with flipping page, how to make a personal flipping book templates, and how to use your page flipping book in more fields will be shown here. The content of PowerPoint presentation Tutorial center will keep updating and if you have great suggestions, contact us by (replace # with @) . If your ideas are valuable, they will be shown on the PowerPoint presentation Tutorial as well.


Enjoy yourself here! We will try our best to solve problems that you may meet when making your flipping books. The simple and concise way to show you with graphics and texts will help you understand the tutorials better.


Easy way to convert images to flipping book

You may have get some knowledge about flipping book. Do you know how to convert images to flipping book? Have you heard about Image to Flipping Book? With it you can make a amazing flipping book from images which could flip pages. You can view your pictures or photos with real-like feeling and 3D effect. You can drag the corner to flip pages or scroll mouse to flip pages.

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How to use bookmark in your flipping book?

Given you forget to add a bookmark to the page you have just read to, do you think you can find that page easily? It would waste a lot of your time to find the page you have just read. So remember to add a bookmark. Neither you can easily find in your flipping book. Now you can learn how to add bookmark to your page flip books and how to use them, which would makes it convenient and useful for you to read page flip books.

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How to make page flip book on Mobile?

When you are making page flip book on your computer, is there an idea occurs to you that whether you could make flip book on your mobile phone. If we can install an application to make page flipping book on Mac OS, that would be excellent and great. Making flip book at any time and any place would be just a piece of cake with such a version for mobile phone. It is such a cool thing to view page flip book on Mobile.

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Useful ways to keep page information of page flipping book

When creating page flip book by PDF to Flipping Book Professional, we always meet some problems. For example, there is a mistake in one page of flip book and needs to be corrected, but you have almost finished all the edition of pages. If redo these edition, it would be a waste of time. At that time you really wish the God could be of help. Now I will show you two ways to solve different situations of problem and you would think I am the savior.

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Change a cute background for your flipping shopping catalog

Do you feel your flipping shopping catalog looks a little simple and dull? You get feedback from your customers that your flipping shopping catalog is not so attractive as before? That's easy. You should be remember to update the background in order to keep the attentions. You just need to click the "Background File" to select a new picture; then do some other settings to be in accord with the background picture; and apply change, your flipping shopping catalog has changed so much, which makes your customers feel it like a new one.

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